LDRD at Fermilab
Laboratory Directed Research and Development

A complete description can be found in the most recent Annual LDRD Program Plan

A brief description can be found in the LDRD Information Session slides

Fermilab has instituted a Laboratory Directed Research and Development program as outlined by DOE Order O413.2C in order to support employee initiated proposals that are novel, cutting edge, and explore forefront areas of science and technology. The program will enhance the Laboratory's ability to carry out the mission of DOE and the Laboratory in areas that are outside current programmatic activities but are well-aligned with the strategic goals of the Laboratory.

The FY2019 Call for Proposals

Status: The FY19 Call for Proposals has resulted in 41 submitted Preliminary Proposals before the Aug 31 2018 deadline. The Committee has evaluated the proposals and come to a concensus as to which proposals should be invited to submit a Full Proposal. There are many good ideas that are not competitive this round. Committee members are writing short comments so that all proposals will have some feedback either to be considered for their Full Proposal or perhaps for refinement for a next call. Notifications will be early in the week of Sept 24.

  • Quick links for perspective Principle Investigators
    • Prliminary Proposal (template (.docx,pdf)
    • Full Proposal (template (.docx,pdf)
    • Budget Table template to be completed w/ Division Field Financial Manager(.xlsm)(FY19 template)
    • Evaluation criteria for full proposals (criteria)
    • Reporting requirements for end of project (instructions)
  • What LDRD can be used to support
    • Advanced study of hypothesis, concepts, and innovative approaches to scientific, technical, or computational problems
    • Experiments, theoretical studies, simulations, and analyses directed toward "proof of principle" or early determination of the utility of new scientific ideas, technical concepts, and devices or research tools
    • Concept creation and preliminary technical analyses of advanced, novel experimental facilities and devices or of facilities for computational science.
  • What LDRD is unable to support
    • R&D that is already part of programmatic activity / existing project
    • R&D that requires non-LDRD funds to complete