LDRD at Fermilab Advisory Committee


The following people are members of the LDRD Advisory Committee at Fermilab. They have been chosen to represent a broad section of the Fermilab scientific and technical community and/or contribute specific expertise relevant for LDRD. They have been active in reviewing and suggesting the procedures that represent FermilabŐs implementation of the LDRD program as contained in the Annual LDRD Program Plan.


William Wester (chair, LDRD Coordinator)

Ruben Carcagno

Dave Christian

Erik Gottschalk

Debbie Harris

Denise Keiner

Andreas Kronfeld

Nigel Lockyer (LDRD Champion)

Wyatt Merritt

Cherri Schmidt (LDRD Coordinator, AssŐt)

Vladimir Shiltsev

Panagiotis Spentzouris